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    1. traumatic experience with that then. but i bet you still got pretty lips, and big fucking gaping Ass-0.

    1. Yea to the Guy who said they must be stoners clearly you have no fucking idea how marijuana effects the human body and mind this is not one of them you fucking idiot

  1. This is obviously fake. Unfortunately I know many hillbillies, and these two are not hillbillies. No this was fake, he never touched the dude with anything. If you can’t tell this is obviously done as a joke against rednecks and southern people in general you are obviously dumber than you claim them to be.

  2. that was not fake. just a couple of dumbass kids who think they’re being funny and extreme. they just looked ridiculous. next time cover the tattoo up with another. or just don’t get tattoos to begin with. tattoos make people look dirty as shit in the first place.

  3. Anyone saying this is fake, I can assure you this is not! It’s my arm, if you read the description of the youtube video, you’ll see I did get a half sleeve to cover it up. This clip is from a skit video we did when we were young and stupid to get a good laugh from people! I had a chicks name on my arm (I know, dumbest thing you could ever do, trust me, heard it a million times). I’m 29 now and when I look back on this shit, I think, “what the fuck was wrong with my brain”. Too fucked up to not share with people though.

  4. Just in case any of you didn’t know, they’re Canadian. Look at the beer he’s sitting on. Canadian rednecks exist, but they’re just retarded.

  5. This is what happens when your grandfather is your actual father and your mother is your aunt. Consanguinity is the mother of all rednecks

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