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  1. Those stupid bicyclists are in a constant state of getting in the way. They are supposed to obey traffic lights and stops signs like normal cars, but they just blaze through them like they don’t exist, I almost got hit by one because he ran his stop sign just at the bottom of the hill, then he gets mad at me for being in his way….. It’s nice to see that justice is finally served.

    1. ur 2 stupid to be alive.i bet you are a fat ass kfc wing that can not even ride a bike

    1. I know. Anyone who puts a bicycle between his legs will put a penis between his butt-cheeks! So that’s 2homoleo straight up!

  2. How didnt that motorcyclist see those cyclists, it wasnt a tight turn. I mean I do downhill biking and even i hate road cyclists but still.. abit harsh.

    1. looks like he hit them on purpose cause he went from the middle of the road to the side where the bikes were and you can see he sticks out his leg just before impact.

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