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  1. Once again you call stupid stuff like this a win… Tattoos like this are not a win but more of a fail… Someone please give this kid a time machine…

  2. what the fuck are they supposed to be?
    i see a duck with down’s syndrome, a cinnamon roll, a squirrel, and some random bullshit

  3. how is this a win? pokemon is fucking retarded. tattoos are fucking terribly done to top it off. what a way to destroy your body. PLEASE STOP MAKING ALL OF THE DUMB ASS SHIT LIKE THIS GARBAGE WINS. this is a FAIL. FAIL FAIL FAIL.

  4. If your old enough to get a tattoo I’d think you’d have grown out of Pok√©mon by now. What’s next Yu-Gi-Oh..Oh..Oh.Yer fucking lame???

  5. I see a fat pig, something that looks like a yellow cat…is that a radish?…some 4 legged thing made out of leaves….Yeah..FAIL!!!

  6. How can this be a win? when these are adults getting some childish characters permanently drawn onto their skin, even a kid would go er.. not a good idea, I might get bored of that picture in a week.

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