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  1. This is what is wrong with kids today…. They have no respect for no one…. A good slap would sort him out… never did me any harme.

    1. Do you have some sort of stupid between your ears?
      This kid was not disrrespctful at all, the cop had no right to park where her did, if that was anyone else they would have had a parking ticket at min, and maybe the bike hauled away. What the hell makes you think cops can break the law and get away with it. Cops are supose to be a guide in whats right and wrong.

  2. Why do my post keep not making it on here?Is censoring our comments now?
    This kid is a role model, all of us should question laws officers, any time they do something half illegal.
    Police have to much power, more so in the usa.

  3. that kid has idiot parents who probably got the camera hes using from some sort of obama care program. prabably come with 3 free morning after pills for his whore sister. the cop did wrong by parking on a side walk to get a soda? really? lololol get a grip ya liberal fucks. hes a cop. protecting your stupid ass from criminals like this lil kids parents. give i a break. fuckin idiots. all of you.

    1. Police are held to higher standards then ordinary people, and if little kids can point things out to them, then the cop isn’t meeting a high enough standard.

  4. I’m not taking sides. Maybe the cops are getting too lax in their parking habits, and maybe someday that cop will lose his life taking down a shooter and the kid will recognize his face in the papers and remember the last thing he did for that cop was play smartass lawyer over a fucking bike on the sidewalk.

  5. Smart mouthed little shit. Thats the problem with kids these days. Cop should have shown him some police brutality and smacked him one..

  6. Even if the kid did report him to his superiors, it’s not like they’d do anything. Cops get paid vacations for shooting people, why would they care if he parked on the sidewalk for 5 minutes?

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