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  1. I guess even publicity hounds have a breaking point. I see trouble brewing on the horizon for K and K fake relationship. LOL

    1. yeah, that’s the great quandry here: While celebrities attacking paparazzi are usually huge pussies, the guys recording/photographing them are oftentimes even bigger pussies.

  2. While I (along with the majority of people in this part of our friggin Galaxy) still regard Kanye West as one of the most obnoxious dickheads to ever grace the music scene, I guess being followed by paparazzi and cam-phone owners friggin everywhere kinda justifies this behaviour… Still sounded like pussy though.

  3. Paparazzi are pussies, especially that guy: “Kanye I just got here!” And keeps repeating like a little bitch how can a man just take that? I would of TKOed his ass. Kanye was a little bitch for responding that way and so was the guy that said “leave the man alone” shit mind your business.

  4. Ahaa, la sua piacevole discussione per quanto riguarda questo paragrafo qui a da questo blog, ho letto peruse sempre che, cos

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