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  1. You clowns really don’t see why this is a fail? Nah, you have to be trolling. If not though, it’s a fail because she is more worried about skanking it out than paying attention to her crying kid. I’ll be she has a black baby next.

  2. Notice the tags are still on the bikini. She’ll take it back and get a refund after the photo shoot. God help the next girl who buys it. No telling what diseases she’ll catch that Mr. Clean won’t wash off!

    1. Or maybe it’s because she’s obviously in the dressing room at the store where she’s trying on the bikini, and she has her kid with her because that’s what moms do when they go shopping. This is not a fail.

  3. yeah women should just never have kinds and if they do they should get fat and never take pictures of themselves ever.

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