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  1. Yea, ok. She is a dyke and he is a homo. The spray in the face is like her GF squirting on her. His potato goes in his ass.

    1. I is probably just gay and has sex with random men in his car while she is at home and fucking all of his friends.

  2. What a couple of sinners. That is a grotesque and very insane relationship. Stupid couple of christian!God bless them!

  3. Edited to add: I did some more digging and found out that LarkNews is the religious version of The Onion so the story’s not real.

    Oh well, a little Christian humor never hurt us, right?

  4. now if all religious people would do that, then we’ll kill soo many birds with one stone.

    religion gone, overpopulation gone, pollution gone, oh the list goes on and on.

    1. Retards, marital intercourse is encouraged by nearly every religion. This “couple” doesn’t need a priest they need a psychiatrist.

  5. Someone is hittin her fine ass on the side, she’s just telling him this story to see how long his dumb ass goes for it.

  6. Good for them. To give up to your urges shows that you are weak. I live my life forbidding things to myself i want or need.

    1. I understand the things you want part, but how do you go with out something you need? Sounds dangerous and crazy.

  7. Hmm…I’m not religious so correct me if I am wrong, Isn’t the whole point of this shit to get married, consummate the marriage and have kids? Like isn’t that “gods” plan for all you holy rollers.

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