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  1. Goood thing that isn’t what her tattoo says. There are several parts of those characters that don’t match the chicken noodle soup on the bottom. Remember in Chinese one extra line means a totally different thing.

    1. Right, as opposed to “chicken noodle soup”, on her back it now says “chicken noodle (next line) soup”. ‘Totally different’ meaning, sure.

  2. Uh, it actually says chicken noodle soup
    Just that the writing is in different styles
    I’m Chinese I can confirm dat
    Dis poor bastard prob just thought its nice to have some more complicated characters as tattoo and googled “complicated Chinese words” without understanding the meaning if the words

  3. They are the same. Chicken noodle soup. Go ask a Chinese guy, but its definitely chicken noodle soup in traditional chinese.

  4. it really means “chicken noodle soup”, either this is photoshopped, or the artist really hate her LOL

    1. Dan you do know that ppl who has small penis are the ones that always talks about small penis….right?? LOL

  5. Also note that you come up with the same thing, basically, if you go to google translate, type in “chicken noodle soup” as the source English, and set the translation to “Chinese (Traditional)”.

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