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  1. I bet the weels did not come down because of the person who was using there phone to video the hole thing. We all know how dangers it is to have your phone on in flight. what was that person thinking

    1. ok first of all dumbass it is only the adio signal generate by phones that interferes with airplane radio and navigation systems the landing gear and breaking system has nothing to do with the radio and navigation system, that is why cell phones and laptops have an “airplane mode” in fact the level of interference caused by a single phone could not actually cause amy problems they only say to turn them off as a precaution as they may throw off the radar navigation system causing the plane to go the wrong direction. thank you and good night

    2. there was no hint of sarcasm in that statement, also, sarcasm doesn’t digitalize very well

    3. @ me
      If you realy believe that cellphones can interfere with airplane electronics, you are an idiot. Those airliners are shielded tighter that a babies ass. Plus they operate on completely different frequencies. Stop being stupid

    4. my point here was that a cellphone in no way can affect the landing gear of an aircraft, it can only possibly affect the radio/radar equipment in such a way as how a microwave can affect your home wifi network.

  2. oh shut up, it was the pilot and the firemen doing their excellent job, stop praying to god for that, and calling it a miracle

    1. yes I got annoyed with that as well, it’s not a miracle, it’s a pilot with excellent skills, who’s spent thousands of hours in simulators and flying the real thing, those people on the plane were so lucky to have such a skilled pilot.

  3. Don’t expect future pilots to achieve the same. Schools today are promoting pilots based off of sexual orientation, not based off of merit. I know I have the student loans to prove it.

  4. Yeah, sure, pray and thank your stupid god of fairy tales that he prevented the landing gear from working properly.

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