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  1. looks like someone has been skipping leg day!

    no seriously, he rocks, totally awesome don’t let people tell you what you can’t do, fuck ’em

  2. It’s people like this that make me ashamed of my lazy able bodied mobility. I’m 40, 6’2 200’lbs and don’t exercise. Sure as shit I get around without hassle but for how long?? Hats of to you buddy, come on by and ask me to meet you at the gym, I wish you would. I am wasting my mobility and need help.

  3. Where can I download this video? I want to send it to a professor who likes to share this kind of videos, before to start classes… I will thank very much to whoever help me!! #Thisreallymademyday

  4. Well my disability is different, how do I know if I am feeling sorry for myself? Sometimes I wonder maybe the things are not as bad as I see them, maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself. BTW, I am quadriplegic, do exercise, I do put my cloths on, my shoes, I tie my shoes, I take a shower by myself. An I try to do all the thing by myself.

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