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  1. fat people are fucking disgusting and not a natural thing like gay are cp, therefore we are allowed to bully and insult them till they learn to put down the fork/chopsticks(or in this huge bithes case put her hands in her pockets and not eat so damn much)

    three meals a day is a lie people you can survive on three meals a week and be healthier

    1. How often dou you eat? Only three times a week? If not, why do you expect people to accomplish tasks that not even you are up to?

    2. 2 ~ 3 meals a week? Sometimes just 1 meal in 168hrs?? And still manage to weight 162lbs?
      Sorry, I am sceptic about that.

    3. if you’ve converted your car to an electric engine powered by a gas generator and drive an average of 60mph then it maybe possible as a generator would use an average of 1g per 2-3 hours depending on the model and how much strain the electric motor puts on it, however as you doubt my weight and eating habits you probably are brainwashed in believing that this set up is not even possible

    4. “a natural thing like gay are cp” – What did you mean by that? That gays have cerebral palsy?

      Well, anyway: While I believe that living on three meals a week is POSSIBLE, I highly doubt that it’s healthy.
      I mean, look: I’m damn sure not obese, I’m 6’1”, weighing around 13st and I’m pretty well-trained. Yet I enjoy 3 meals a day. It’s really about the size and general nature of each meal: Go easy on the meat (or go without it altogether), watch out for food rich in carbonhydrates and fats, try to acquire at least some basic knowledge of how your body processes different types of nutrients, just never scorn physical activity and everything will be okay.

  2. @Me, So where you work at, @ 3 times a week, You must be in your home the whole day or maybe you work in a office, Still your body need nutrients, Energy, FOOD, The body is like a machine, If you don’t put gasoline is not going to work.

    1. the human body wasn’t designed for such a lax lifestyle pre historic man(before they started using tools like spears and arrows) would obtain meat through the out running of animals like antelope (unlike these animals we were designed to be able to run nonstop for long periods of time causing them to die of heat exhaustion) or through the scavenging of dead animals, this could take weeks to achieve results mean while they would graze on fruits and vegetables, however, prehistoric man was nomadic and finding edible foliage could take several days. these humans had healthy body weights and the proper nutrients to “fuel”(or put gas in it as you so crudely put it) the body to catch that next meal however long it takes. the lax lifestyles we lead today (even factory workers) is still nothing compared to that faced by early man and they could survive on 3 or less meals a “week”.

    2. She looks back in slow motion and thinks to herself ::How did that dog get out of the pot pie I made::

  3. Pussies. Seriously, you feel badly for this thing? People don’t just magically get this fucking fat. It takes a special kind of lazy piece of shit to let themselves get to Jabba the Hutt like proportions.

  4. The dog is probably scared of being eaten. So the only place she cant reach him is on her back. An equally safe place would be in a salad

  5. Get yourself a job and stop eating from the welfare!Or, lets say that this is another victim of the system. Another proof that sometimes the welfare is, (in many cases), Killing the USA citizens!

  6. haha who posted this Fail failed, cuz she liked her own photo and we can see her complete name lol

  7. If memory doesn’t fail me, she has a YT channel: nanaluvstroubles, she has a bunch of videos of her singing.

    You’re welcome.

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