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  1. The speech doesn’t really interest me. What strikes me is that overfailed fail with the cross. First, the fail of a cult worshipping an instrument of torture in name of ancient myth. Second, the overfailing it with sticking some colorful baloons over that torturing instrument.

    1. I could tolerate your criticism of someone else’s religion if you even had a clue what you were talking about.

    2. Read it carefully, no critique of any religion. I criticised amorality of particular idea and did no connection to the religion.

      Of course I could have criticised the religion (and all of them) directly, because it is nonsense anyway and because I have tons of arguments.
      For now, I must say to you that “tolerating criticism of religion” is some wierd crooked thing. Every idea (including religious opinions) should be and is a subject to debate and criticism in civilized society. By not tolerating criticism you slide to totalitarian principles.

  2. What an idiot. Totally disrespectful and what is with the balloons? What kind of double-wide trailer church is this anyway? 😀

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