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ok so there’s this boy that i had a super crush on and he new and goes for your best friend who new your like him and starts dateing him thinking i was ok with it -sad face – they brake up then he starts flirting and such then 2 days later goes for my other best friend well lesson learned girls are back stabbing bitches……EF EF EF !!!

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  1. da faq did I read? English is not my mother language, but I know 6th graders better than you at spelling, and we start learning english in the 5th grade.

  2. No wonder he went for your best friend. You are a total tard-ass that can’t spell, punctuate or use correct word forms. I’d go for your friend, too.

  3. You all are assholes. Yes, she could use some more lessons in English but that does not give you fucks the right to say it in a harsh way. All of you all know when you wrote these 99.9% of you all probably checked to see if you had and errors before entering your comments. Your not God so don’t judge.

    1. Tina, it spells “you’re” and no, we don’t spellcheck it. And even if we did, it’a a good idea and a step towards better communication

  4. guys how to add a video here im putting link fro myoutube and it keeps says Warning!

    Some data got lost on the way, we couldn’t get the video file from the specified url!

  5. Very same thing happened to me in sophomore year. Exactly the same thing! I was “friend zoned” yet he still flirted with me like mad. He was my best guy friend and we would talk for hours on the phone. drove me crazy!

  6. keuchenius:Wat deze prijs onderscheidt van wél serieus te nemen prijzen, is het ontbreken van een onafhankelijke jury en het belonen van &#1&p6;begri12#8287; voor je eigen zaak. Dat zijn twee hoofdzonden. Prijzen van vakgenoten, gesteund door serieuze organisaties (denk aan NVJ, VVOJ, Zilveren Camera)hebben dit bezwaar niet. Over het ‘veels te lage’ (sic) niveau van journalistiek moeten we het nog maar eens hebben..

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