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  1. This nerd actually runs a prop company and is pretty big within the community. It’s more likely, you give him the bad name….

    1. I can only wonder who posted that last comment? Yeah, he has a prop “company” and he has actual artist do all of the work he takes credit for while he verbally abuses young girls and beats his wife.

    1. This is all very funny, very amusing. Unlike the rest of you, I won’t hide who I am. Ill use my name. So Jim Logan, or “Doodlebrain”, really? Your sinking to this low? Really?? Not surprising really…Hope your enjoying your exile 🙂

      And as for the rest of you, whom I’m sure is “Alychu” & possibly “Prism Power”, really?? Jumping on the wagon much?? I find your cowardice disturbingly hilarious….

      I want each of you to know, none of you can rattle me, provoke me or anger me. I find this all so desperate, so hilarious, that I literally cannot stop laughing.

      Mmmm…Thank you for giving me what you hold most dear, your time 🙂

      That is all-

  2. wow ok number one really smart to not have it linked to your your face book here and just leave Troller comments so no one knows who you cowards are. Calling him a wife beater is a serious accusation and is so cause for legal action and if i ever find out who said that oh there will be some issues. Im tired of all this negativity in the cos playing community. you don’t like what his props are don’t buy them and make it your damn self and see whose is better.

  3. You know I saw this and I stayed out of it, I did not post it on my page or share it all over. Despite how “laughable” it is that you think that I made it…(out of jealousy of your “Tony Stark” as you suggested) maybe I am not the only one on this planet that thinks you are an idiot.

    I am not one to bash someone’s “cosplay” in public because it is “play” for most after all, but when someone boasts that “100s of people wanted his picture” at the theater, THEN this becomes “laughable”

    …and I will not even get into “serious accusations” there moma-bat-bus not like that person was physically threatening young girls, impersonating an officer, or calling someone a rapist or a convicted felon.

    …I also won’t go into the epicly awesome props that he doesn’t make.

    Leave me out of this kids.

    1. Jim, I think we both know by now what I do make and what I don’t. We also know that I don’t take credit or my team’s creations. Why you refuse to see my team a exactly what it is, a team, is beyond me.

      Shouldn’t you know that? I mean after all you did send a camera crew to interview and interrogate all of us this past weekend at our booth. You did have a guy following e with a microphone in secret, I caught him. Your not as slick as you think you are. In fact while they filmed and recorded me, they were recorded and filmed themselves….

      I grow tired of this idiotic round-robin with you. We both one you made this ^. And we both kno you were “Doodlebrain”, you can lie all you want but those were your words, no one else would say that but you.

      I find it hilarious that you think I care about my Tony Stark costume (something I made in 24 hours for a movie premiere and never wore again).

      At least I make my stuff from scratch Jim, I don’t have to recast other’s creations, that’s your thing. Say what you will about me, I’ve never recasted, I’ve never stolen money & I’ve never been late on a deadline. You know for a fact you cannot say any if that….

      Quit while your ahead bub’….

    2. quit? never…you are my greatest foe 😛

      Yes, we both know……

      It’s so “laughable” that every time someone gives you shit I am to blame..I still don’t know why I was dragged into this besides your assumptions and finger pointing about who made this meme.

      I don’t think my camera team is ever a secret, and especially not bryans with their ridiculous extra gear…c’mon know one is trying to get one over on a …”feveral officer”

      I don’t care about your short bus stark, your the one who said that I supposedly made this meme because I was supposedly was jealous of it. derp derp

  4. I take credit for nothing. My team member made it. I actively have admitted that several times…

    I did not make it, I market them, I sell them, my company sells them, the maker is a part of the company. That’s the way the team works.

    Grasping at straws gets you nowhere….

    1. Blah blah blah blah Jimmy….

      Quit or don’t, I don’t care. We both know you want to provoke me for some reason, maybe to build your “case” against m that I’m a “angry guy” or a “jerk”, you can try all you want, I’m not going to blow up on you. I honestly care far too little about you and your little business to put the time or effort into it. I have bigger things to tend to in life than David Winant…

      I’m trying to move on with my life, while fighting on the playground was fun for a bit, I have better things to do. I honestly could care less If your jealous or not, I could care less if your business succeeds or fails.

      Your girlfriend told me last night that she’s tired of us fighting, and while I do actually see you as my “nemesis” at this point, I’m inclined to agree with her. I’m bored, you bore me dude.

      You disappear, you block me, you unblock me, you send a team to harass me, I block you, we fight on here….Yada Yada Yada, it’s all very boring….

      How’s about next time your in my neck of the woods we just have a beer, maybe beat the shit out of each other and we go find someone else to pick on to get our frustrations out, k?

  5. wait a sec….someone posts a meme of you on the internet, you blame me for it….and I am starting trouble here?

    Makes perfect sense.

    1. Because I still don’t believe you didn’t make it, truth be told I could care less about the meme, like I said I spent one day making that costume for a premiere and I haven’t worn it since…

      It just all comes back to you, if the camera crew hadn’t shown up to harass me, my team and my pregnant girlfriend, we wouldn’t be having this idiotic conversation.

      As long as you actually do start shtako with me, it’ll always come back to you. Although, now that two people shared it on their pages as well as other things against me, they’ve outed themselves, so honestly, some blame now comes off of you and not them. But of course, they tag you first to show you how good they are for slandering me. That says something.

      It’s called deductive logic. It’s how you put together puzzles that aren’t easy.

      I saw this meme ^ way before we started this dance. I didn’t link it up with you until your little friend tagged you in it to show it off. Honestly I didn’t care until then.

      Honestly, I still don’t care. It helped out two more fakes in the South Florida Cosplaying circuit. I’m all for learning who to avoid.

      Again, I’m tired and bored of our back and forth. Can we please just go back to our lives?

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