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    1. The little twat shouldn’t ride the thing if she is scared! She ruined it for everyone behind her. I was thrilled to see him ram her and I’m glad he made her cry :}

  1. Fucking cock sucker. It wasn’t even her fault that they were going slow you fucking sad waste of oxygen.

  2. She wasnt just scared. NOTICE her slumped over at one point during the ride! Jerking her neck by bumping her was NOT a good frickin idea!

  3. She had to stop because of the people infront of her. Damn idiot. Her male friend should have stod up for her and kicked his ass. Damn monkey.

  4. I’m all for the guy in the thing who was videoing. I would of just been like “the fuck out the way” and knocked her off the track and repeat for each slowboat infront of me.

  5. I watched the chase/ram scene 3 times. “fuck this i’m gonna fucking ram her…..fucking bitch! ahhhh!!” LOL!!!

  6. what an asshole. That was like an 11 year old girl and she couldn’t go faster because of the 2 people in front of her.

  7. What a stupid punk! He should’ve just given her a bit more of advance once he realised that she (or actually the people in front of her) was prone to slowing down, instead of complaining like some stupid pussy and ramming her.
    But hey, apart from the guy being an idiot, that ride looked like a helluva lot of fun. I wonder where it was – that sign at the finish line said “Ziel”, which is German – but it might be either Switzerland, Austria or Southern Germany or even Northern Italy for that matter.

  8. this punk should get banned on that ride! what an asshole, people like this need to be sent to mexico and get decapitated down there by the cartel

  9. Someone has got to make those things look like Star Wars speeder bikes. That would be the most awesome ride in the world.

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