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    1. @Truexile Yeah, good luck with that, driving expert. He was going way too fast to recover from that. It wasn’t an “understeer”, he lost traction. There was nothing he could do.

    2. @beakt It quite clearly was understeer… If you think it wasn’t then you are hardly a ‘driving expert’ either. The only way he could have corrected would have been to dab the brakes at the apex to shift the weight over the front axle. How do I know? I’ve done over 30k in my E46 M3 including 3 visits to the nurburgring…

    3. Anyone saying that there were ways to recover and blah blah. Both drivers were fucking morons. The one in the lead was braking through corners and the dipshit behind him doesn’t know what steering is.

      Both were all over the road like assholes and this was simply inevitable.

    4. He clearly lost traction, were you at all paying attention to how he was steering and how hes car started sliding? He would’ve been in more trouble if he hit the E-Brake at that speed. He should have reduced his speed more before he hit the turn then go from the outside in to get his cars weight even through the turn, giving him total traction, but instead he took the inside through the entire turn and did not reduce his speed enough causing him to slide out.

  1. Whoa, crap. I wonder whether anyone was injured… Well, the optimist in me assumed that it was the driver who took the photos.

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