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  1. Thank-you for clarifying that he was black epicfail!

    Could you please continue to identify the skin color of each person in your videos. It’s a very useful service because I am blind.

  2. Re: The title. It is unusual for this site to make it racial… I wonder why it didn’t just say “thief fail”?

  3. Yeah, he`s BLACK and wearing a Obama shirt. African Americans are all the same: Either they are criminals or their the criminals apologists.

    1. Hmmm… I thought that was a six-string bass guitar… but I’m not so sure anymore, to be honest… upon rewatching it actually looks more like a…don’t know how many-string baritone guitar… interesting

  4. It’s a six string bass. The bridge and neck are too wide for it to be any kind of “guitar”. A bass is NOT a guitar.

    1. Well, there are some baritone guitars which are pretty close to bass guitars construction-wise. But yeah, bass was my initial guess as well. But there are more than 6 strings… probably 8 – hard to see.

    2. oh, and, sorry for being a smartass, but a bass guitar is still a guitar – the term bass just describes the instrument’s range. The bass guitar is just commonly known as simply a “bass”, because you usually don’t expect to find bass horns or double basses in modern rock and pop music.

  5. I’ve noticed a lot of petty crimes like this are committed by black male adults thinking that white guilt would prevent them from getting their butt kicked. I’m no racist and am in fact extremely racially diverse enough to be hated by the kkk, that said I must say that the description is proper because I knew to watch the black guy carefully. The black dude is the subject of the video hence the name is proper but not perhaps PC but I’m so sick and tired of PC. If you want to be a racist go ahead and be a racist, I would only ask that you admit to yourself that its not good behavior and that you don’t teach kids to be racist.

  6. I love this site, but this is really disappointing. Title fail. It’s also extremely disheartening to read some of these comments. Billy Beefcaked is a horrible human. I can’t believe how bad racism is in this country. Y’all suck.

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