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    1. @Fozik, I’m sorry but I don’t “BUMP UGLIES” But your in Luck.. Trollhunter Fuck and get Fuck by anything…

  1. “But we doin’ it after the girls do they thing. Let ‘em keep rockin’.” How magnanimous of him, considering that no one was stopping the K-girls ‘cept him…wonder if he figured it out by himself, or one of his handlers whispered into his ear that he was being an a-hole…

  2. Does he think that he is cool enough to just cut them off if they were niggas i promise he wouldnt have done that. most off his fans are women and he has no respect for them damn they can shoot tupac, biggie, martin luther king jr but nobody wont shoot his ass

  3. 2lolo! You have returned! You have been sorely missed. I may have to change my name, as the troll I have been hunting has been found. Thank you very, very much for rejoining the fray. I look forward to your contributions.

  4. What? Chris Brown fail? No, it’s a fail for the ladies lip synching! If they were doing what they were paid to do(sing), it wouldn’t have been a problem!

  5. I thought, I’ll watch this if it’s less than 30 seconds, based on the title. Then I started it and there were sexy girls dancing, so I continued. Then, someone said “Hode on” and stopped the music, and I heard someone speaking heavy ebonics, which I couldn’t understand, then the music started again and the video ended. I don’t get it. Whatever. Sexy girls.

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