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  1. This should be a daughter/human fail. Almost everyone’s dad sucks. But you don’t bitch about it via Facebook! Geez honey … Get a Therapist!

  2. Sounds like someone has some ‘daddy issues’…
    First off, this is a “stupid girl” fail. One should teach their child not to bitch, because they could’ve been the abortion daddy always wanted, and the fact she’s got internet on some sort of electronic device, shows her life came out better than it could have. Second, if she’s “doing just fine,” why does she feel the need to let everyone know her dad bailed on the family for reasons no one cares, in order to feel better about herself from all “4 likes” and “1 comment.” Third, if you have any respect for yourself, one does not just spill emotional verbal diarrhea out for everyone (although it did make me giggle) to read. Get it together sweetie, you can play ‘stupid teen girl’ in every future realtion ship you ruin cause of daddy. :}

  3. Suck it up you cry baby. what u think youre the first person to not have a father. youre even more pathetic for having to put your thoughts out in writing for the world to see. stop crying and live your life without whining about it.

  4. Thanks brittani-with an I, if it wasnt for shitty dads like yours, we would have kick ass porn and strippers, so shut the fuck up, your up on stage next!

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