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  1. I was wondering about the title of this: If one’s a douchebag, then the fact that he fails at life is inherent, isn’t it?
    Ergo: Isn’t this actually a douchebag WIN? He’d definitely win the douchebag contest if there was one…

    1. Well, but rethinking my point: Maybe he doesn’t fail at life… his chick looks pretty decent.

  2. this is someone who i would love to get in a fight with. those nasty ass nose gauges are begging to be ripped out

  3. Ewww. That’s my ex boyfriend from high school. He most certainly did not look like that then. Gross. And that is his girlfriend. I had heard they were dating, she certainly has begun scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  4. I don’t usually comment on here, but this is definitely a douchebag. I hope he does not reproduce as this would be bad for the gene pool.

  5. I’m sure his parents are just SO proud! MY SON is grown, but I’d still kick his ass if he even though about doing something like that!

    1. Well, maybe she’s just into that whole body piercing stuff yet doesn’t practice it herself… or does she..?
      We see neither her titties, nor her navel, her labia, or her clitoris, mind you!

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