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  1. lil wayne was one of my favorite rappers, now I have lost all respect for him and will not be buying any more of his songs. Walking all over the Nations flag such a disgrace-douchebag

  2. you never do that in every flag, what ever country, you never ever step or let the flag touch the ground! ignorance is never bliss. in some country you go to jail for doing that!

  3. They shot him from the waist up, the flag falling was just part of the shot…you were never supposed to see it on the ground let alone being walked on and if it makes you feel any better they removed a star before it fell.

    1. Lil’ Wayne isn’t a star. And he was removed a long time ago. But it still isn’t okay.

  4. Hmmm… so he’s not even pretending to do this shit live, eh… Or wasn’t that the fail? You see: To me Lil’ Wayne is a fail categorically, so I may have missed something. And is it just me or did he forget to remove the price tag from his stupid baseball cap?

  5. Oh, just read the comments. So… is this really on this site because he stepped on the flag? I mean… REALLY???
    Oh, you silly Americans you. It’s a fuckin piece of cloth!

    1. Honestly, I mean I saw all kinds of raging over this on Facebook and thought that he intentionally disrespected the flag as part of the video, now that I’ve seen it I have even less respect for a lot of people, get over it, I don’t like him myself but griefing over this shit is stupid.

  6. I would be just as pissed if he were walking on any of our allies flag, don’t disrespect what that flag represents. I wouldn’t kill him or enslave him, I would just shove him off the flag and pick it off the ground and give it the proper respect. I remember about 20 years ago here in Phoenix some fuck of an artist put a flag in a toilet and put that in the art museum. American Vets were trespassing and pulling the flag out of the toilet and saluting it just as security arrived to arrest them.

    1. I would like to wipe my arse with the american flag, just to piss off some of these morons.

  7. Considering that people have worn the flag as diapers and set it on fire I’m not seeing the big controversy about this. At least he didn’t whip out his dick and piss all over it….. just saying

  8. It’s strange to me how heartlessly people speak to and about each other on here, and then they get all worked about about the mistreatment of a flag. Let’s start with respecting our fellow humans, and then maybe we’ll work our way down to respect for inanimate objects. In the meantime, I’m not too concerned for the well-being of a piece of cloth.

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