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    1. we’ll never know. But what I expected him to do was vomit up his balls… I was disappointed…

  1. This new age is choked to the eyes with spike-haired, drooling, mental rubber-heads with nothing worthwhile to contribute, no practical goals, nor parents that teach them logical from illogical. and this is the result. Millions of THESE things. Too bad he didn’t die from the fall. That DNA need not carry on.

  2. Since i have internet, I saw this kind of stupid video… I don’t know, maybe one million time. it is possible that i smiled the first or second time. Now, I’m just piss of. This is really pathetic, for real.

    Please America, stop being dumb, stop that and try something greater if you really want to dazzle the rest of the civilized world.

    PS: and i’m not sorry for my bad english. I will be sorry when you will be smarter. I’m very disappoint.

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