Passing Out Around Friends FAIL


People Fail


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  1. They are lucky he didn’t overheat and die.. Don’t shrink wrap your friends, very dangerous. It’s fun to mess with people that pass out but manslaughter is a good way to ruin the party.

  2. This is effing awesome! yea he will probably panic a bit, but why are you all panicking that he is going to die?? and there is a roll of toilet paper there in case there is an emergency…

  3. Nice job. Body completely covered with plastic that doesn’t allow heat to dissipate, and only a very small opening through which to breathe. If this wasn’t staged, and/or if the “victim” didn’t die, I would be very surprised.

  4. Cant he suffocate since his body is covered with plastic? I heard about people people dying cuz they were covered with color through which the skin could not breath.

  5. for those of you that think this is cool, you just might win a Darwin Award. Please do so before you reproduce.

  6. People that think covering your skin will suffocate you need to watch mythbusters.Over heating is probably a different story.

  7. New Flash People – This wasn’t a falling asleep event – This is a fetish (Mummification and Sensory deprivation).

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