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  1. in 3 weeks show producers are gonna offer them a show of their own,unknowingly starting a chain of events that will lead to the apocalypse of the entire planet and maybe the moon

  2. Uncut4Life: Hahahahahaha!!! Yet another example of libtards having children and their “parenting”. People, try having some frigging perspective. Your kids are not special and unique little snowflakes. Stop encouraging them that they “can be anything you want to be.” No they cannot! They can be certain things and certainly in this case, never singers. Liberal child raising is responsible for more adolescent horrors than any other intellectual plague in human history. Your kids are not that great. They’re special to you and YOU ONLY! To the rest of us they’re just more offspring pecking away at the limited oxygen we were given for the strongest and smartest to survive. Your younglings don’t qualify. Better to have them be fertilizer for plants instead of taking up space on the metro. At least then they can be of some positive use to mankind.

    1. Really? A lib/con debate? It isn’t even an American show. Stop imposing your idiotic prejudices on the rest of the world. Gawd, just shut up already. I just want to punch you, gawh.

  3. I don’t think this was real. I think sometimes the producers hire actors to make the show more interesting. I just don’t believe those people actually beloved they sounded good! There is no way!

  4. Ely
    You are an utter idiot. There are liberals and conservatives in England too you dolt. Heres a list :

    es page.

    The Electoral Commission list of Registered Political Parties
    Represented in House of Commons:
    The Conservative Party
    The Association of Conservative Clubs
    The Bow Group
    The Bruges Group
    Campaign for Conservative Democracy
    Conservatives Against A Federal Europe closed down when Iain Duncan Smith became leader of the party
    Conservative Christian Fellowship
    Conservative Future, re-defining authentic conservatism
    Counservative Councillors’ Association
    Conservative Way Forward seeks to promote Thatcherism
    Conservative Women’s Organisation
    LibDems 4 Cameron
    Local constituency websites
    Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
    Tory Radio
    Welsh Conservative Party
    Democratic Unionist Party
    Green Party of England and Wales
    Independent Kidderminster Hospital & Health Concern
    The Labour Party
    Local Labour Party websites
    Co-operative Party
    Compass, democratic left pressure group
    Labour Briefing – an unofficial voice of the left of the British Labour Party
    Labour Network
    Labour Representation Committee
    Labour Uncut, inside Labour politics
    Progress, Labour’s progressives
    Refounding Labour
    Save The Labour Party
    Scientists For Labour
    Scottish Labour Party
    UNOFFICIAL site on the Labour Party
    The Liberal Democrats
    Green Liberal Democrats
    LibDems 4 Parliament, resource centre for Liberal Democrats involved in the approval and selection of candidates
    Local LibDem websites
    Parliamentary Candidates Association
    Scottish Liberal Democrats
    Welsh Liberal Democrats
    Women Liberal Democrats
    Respect Party
    Plaid Cymru
    SDLP – Social Democratic and Labour Party
    The Scottish National Party
    The Federation of Student Nationalists is the student wing of the SNP
    Sinn Féin
    Ulster Unionist Party
    Other parties and organisations:
    NB: The Electoral Commission has a full list of registered parties – they don’t all appear to have websites. Entries without links are parties that had websites, but the site has disappeared.
    9% Growth Party
    Abolish Half Parliamentary Seats Now
    Abolish the Congestion Charge
    Action to Save St. John’s Hospital Party
    Albion Alliance
    Alliance for Green Socialism
    Alliance for Lobbying Transparency
    Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
    Alternative Party
    Animals Count
    Animal Protection Party
    Anti Party
    Anti-Political Political Party
    Apolitical Democrats
    Arkangel, for animal liberation
    Ashford Independent Association
    Barnsley Independent Group
    Beaconsfield Independent Electors Association
    Best of a Bad Bunch
    Better Bedford Independent Party
    Borders Party
    Boston Bypass Independents Group
    British Constitution Party
    British National Party
    British National Pride, Duty and Obligation
    British First Party
    British People’s Party
    British Progressive Links.
    British Public Party
    Simon Gardner’s list of Business Political Donors Lists known donations to UK political parties 1994-8 from information supplied by Labour Research
    Cambridge Socialists
    Campaign for an Independent England
    Campaign for Independent Politicians
    Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
    Canvey Island Independent Party
    The Capitalist Party
    Centreground Party
    Charity Commission
    Christian Movement for Great Britain
    Christian Party
    Christian Party of Wales
    Scottish Christian Party
    Christian Peoples Alliance
    Church of the Militant Elvis Party
    Citizens’ Action Party
    clear, cannabis law reform
    Common Good
    Common Sense Party
    Commonwealth Party of Britain
    Communist Party of Britain
    Communist Party of Great Britain
    Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), and blog
    Community Action Party
    Community Campaign (Hart)
    Constitutional Monarchy Association
    Co-operative Party
    Cornish Democrats
    Cornish National Party
    Countryside Alliance
    Devizes Guardians
    Democracy Movement, defends liberal democracy in Britain and across Europe
    Direct Democracy (Communist) Party
    Dover Alliance
    East Herts People
    England First Party
    England’s Parliamentary Party
    English Democrats
    English Independence Party
    English Radical Alliance
    Environmental Protest in Britain
    Ewell Court Residents’ Association
    Equal Parenting Alliance Party
    Esher Residents Association
    Families First
    Farmers for Action
    Federal Union campaigns for federalism for the UK, Europe and the world
    For Darwen
    Forward Wales, defunct. Archived site
    Free Democratic Party
    Freedom & Responsibility
    Freedom Party
    Free Scotland Party
    Friends of the Earth
    Fur Play Party
    The Generalist Party
    Get The Snouts Out the Trough Party
    Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland
    Green Party of England and Wales
    Local Green Party websites
    Sustainable Economics
    Wales Green Party
    Green Party of Northern Ireland
    Greenpeace UK
    Grumpy Old Men Political Party
    The Had Enough Party, defunct
    Harry Bear for Parliament
    Havering Residents’ Association
    Hawkwell Residents Association
    Henley Residents Group
    Hersham Village Society
    Hinchley Wood Residents Association
    I Am An Englishman
    The Idle Toad
    Impact Party
    Imperial Party
    The independence index
    Independent Green Voice, Scotland
    Independent Network, promotes and supports independent candidates and non-party politicians
    Independent Labour Network, defunct
    Independent Loughton Residents Association
    Independents to save Queen Mary’s Hospital
    Independent Working Class Association
    Individual Capitalist Party
    Integrity UK Party
    International Socialist Group, British Section of the Fourth International
    International Socialist Resistance
    Irish Republican Socialist Movement
    Irish Republican Socialist Party
    John Marek Independent Party, defunct
    Jury Team, politics without parties
    Justice and Anti-Corruption Party
    The Labour Co-ordinating Committee, defunct
    The Land is Ours, campaigns peacefully for access to the land
    Landless Peasant Party
    League Against Cruel Sports
    The Left List, defunct
    Legalise Cannabis Alliance
    Liberal Party
    UK Libertarian Alliance
    Libertarian Party
    Liberty: human rights and civil liberties
    Ligali Party
    Llais Gwynedd, The Voice of Gwynedd
    The Make Politicians History Party, defunct
    Mansfield Independent Forum
    Mebyon Kernow the party for Cornwall
    Medway Independent Party
    Men’s Positive Discrimination Party
    Mercian Nationalist Party
    Middle England Party
    Molesey Residents’ Association
    Monarchy Wales
    Money Reform Party
    Morley Borough Independents
    Motorists, Equity & Unity Party
    Movement for Active Democracy
    MP3 Party
    Mums’ Army
    The National Democrats website archive
    National Front
    Nationalist Alliance
    National Liberal Party
    National Party
    Natural Law Party
    New Alliance has a Campaign Against the Single Currency
    New Britain
    Newcastle Academy With Christian Values Party
    New Communist Party of Britain
    New Millennium Bean Party
    New Party
    NHS Improvement Society
    No2EU: Yes to Democracy
    No Candidate Deserves My Vote!
    Nork Residents’ Association
    Northern Progress Party
    Northumbrian National Party
    North Yorkshire Coast Party
    Official Monster Raving Loony Party
    One World Party
    Organisation of Free Democrats
    Orkneyjar Autonomist Movement
    Peace and Progress
    Peace Party
    The Pensioners Party
    People Against Bureaucracy Group
    PNDP: Peoples National Democratic Party
    People’s Party Essex
    Peoples Voice
    Pirate Party
    PLC Party
    Popular Alliance
    Procapitalism Party
    ProLife Alliance
    Progressive Unionist Party
    Protest Vote Party
    Public Services Not Private Profit
    Radical Party of Great Britain
    Ramsgate First
    Red Action
    Representative Democracy
    Representative Party
    Republican Party of Great Britain
    Residents Associations of Epsom and Ewell
    The Resolutionist Party
    Restoration Party
    Revolutionary Communist Group
    Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)
    Romford Residents Association
    Save Bedford Hospital
    Save Chase Farm
    Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers
    Scottish Democratic Alliance
    Scottish Green Party
    Scottish Republican Socialist Party
    Scottish Republican Socialist Movement
    Scottish Senior Citizens Unity Party
    Scottish Socialist Party
    Scottish Unionist Party
    Scottish Voice
    Seagulls Party
    Senior Citizens Party
    Seniors Network
    Shetlander Nationalist Party
    Social Democratic Party
    Social Justice Party
    Socialist Alliance
    Socialist Equality Party
    Socialist Labour Party
    Socialist Party (formerly ‘Militant’)
    Socialist Party of Great Britain
    Socialist People’s Party
    Socialist Studies
    Socialist Unity
    Socialist Workers Party
    Social Justice Party
    Solidarity Federation, British section of the International Workers’ Association
    Solidarity Scotland
    Southampton First
    Southport Party
    SPEAK, The Voice for the Rights of Animals
    Stoneleigh and Auriol Residents’ Association
    Stop Congestion Charging
    Stop the BNP
    Stop the War Coalition
    Tamsin Omond to the Commons
    Tattenhams Residents’ Association
    Telepathic Partnership
    Telford & Wrekin Peoples Association
    Thames Ditton and Weston Green Residents’ Association
    Third Way, the voice of the radical centre
    Thornaby Independent Association
    Throne Out
    Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
    Trades unions and labour organisations, including the TUC site which at the appropriate times has Congress information
    Traditional Unionist Voice
    TRIP: The Real Independent People’s Party, defunct
    Trust Party
    Ulster Democratic Party. Dissolved
    Ulster Nation
    U. K. Community Issues Party
    United Kingdom First
    United Kingdom Independence Party
    Ind Dem Group/UKIP European Referendum petition
    UK People Quality Life Party
    UKpopdems, Popular Democratic Party
    United People’s Party
    United Voice
    United Workers Party
    Unity for Peace and Socialism
    Unlock Democracy, incorporating Charter 88
    Vectis National Party, I. of Wight
    Virtue Currency Cognitive Appraisal Party
    Welsh Socialist Alliance
    Wessex Regionalist Party
    West Ewell & Ruxley Residents’ Association
    White Nationalist Party
    Workers’ Liberty
    Workers People’s Party
    Workers’ Revolutionary Party
    World People’s Resistance Movement (Britain)
    Yarm Independent Association
    World Truth Coalition
    Yes 2 Europe
    YOU Party
    Young Greens
    Your Decision
    Your Right to Democracy
    Youth for a Free Europe
    Youth Party
    Isle of Man
    National Party of the Isle of Man

    1. LOL, okay I feel like an idiot for replying to that moronic post AGAIN, but I just noticed something:
      “There are liberals and conservatives in England too”
      And then:
      “Scottish Liberal Democrats
      Welsh Liberal Democrats
      Plaid Cymru
      The Scottish National Party
      Sinn Féin
      Ulster Unionist Party
      Scottish Democratic Alliance
      Scottish Green Party
      Scottish Republican Socialist Party
      Scottish Republican Socialist Movement
      Scottish Senior Citizens Unity Party
      Scottish Socialist Party
      Scottish Unionist Party
      Welsh Socialist Alliance

      …yeah, England, right…

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