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  1. literally saw this on tumblr yesterday and first off, if the american border was secured by a crappy fence then good luck to you guys an secondly, not a fail, just plain good ol’ fashioned humour

  2. I’m really amazed that people in “The USA” don’t even know that America is the whole continent…yes, from Alaska to Ushuaia.

    1rst World power “empowered” by stupid geography knowledge lacking people.
    Jesus… What the unfair wars can achieve…

    1. Thanks for the lesson moron, but the whole continent is NOT America, it’s NORTH AMERICA, further more the US is referred to by not only Americans but everyone in the world has just America, short for United States of America. So please save us your stupidity and failed attempts at correcting people when your too dumb to form your own thoughts.

    2. when people (even non americans) talk about america their talking about the country (the USA. If you don’t know this you’re really ignorant. the continents are north and south america not just america.

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