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  1. I paid 1,500$ for a tour guide at disney land that let us skip the lines. That was on top of the price of our tickets. If I had known about this handicap pass I would have hired one of them instead! Disney has no problem with line skipping as long as they are getting paid for it.

  2. i recently went to disney world, and honestly i find this practice abusive to the system. as well as those people that are too fat to walk acting like thats a disablity too. their system is put in place to help people. people that otherwise wouldnt be able to enjoy disney world.

    1. I’m not disabled but I wouldn’t be able to enjoy disney world if I had to wait in line for hours at a time. So their system should help me too! I don’t think people skipping the lines ever hurt any real disabled people or anyone for that matter. You are jealous you had to wait in line and if you could skip to the front you KNOW you would have!

  3. Disabled Guide. He is a Real Cock-Sucking, Son-of-a-Bitch… Well…. I’m Handicapped, Got shot in the Military, in a wheelchair most of the time and I resent the Son-of-a-Bitch and any Son-of-a-Bitch thinking it’s OK.

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