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  1. Sure she’s popular now but being GOT next season she might start stomping on kittens and raping children.

    1. name of the character or the name of the actess? The actress is called Emilia Clarke and the character she plays on GoT is called Daenerys Targaryen (and may I add: While Clarke is attractive in her own right, she just doesn’t look THAT sultry without the platinum blonde hair)

    2. Thanks poopr. It was her real name I was after. I have to agree with you about the hair I think she looks lot better as a blonde.

    1. hey poopr, it will give all the little doggies something to look at while they hump his leg.

  2. Shes so fucking hot,Id let him jerk me off with some KY and that arm just so I could imagine it was her.

  3. Huh, funny that one thing occurred to me only now: Considering how slavishly the show follows the books, I wonder why they didn’t have Emilia Clarke wear contacts. Sure, she has beautiful eyes and it would be a shame to hide them but the books state repeatedly that Daenerys’ eye colour is supposed to be purple… well but then again: She’s also supposed to be only thirteen…

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