Rap Battle FAIL


People Fail

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  1. I see. Yes. Now THERE’S talent. 2 monkeys yelling at each other from opposite sides of the tree. Real tough thing to do. Then again, how’s this (English language please forgive me)?

    I peep 2 baboons, he and she, slangin fruit, shit and pee, still up a tree, mental-“e” – tryin-ta converse, oh it hurts, hopeful-“e” they’ll be “ridin” a hearse, but that hurts me, cuz my taxes would pay for da getaway, bitch don’t-chya dare touch a workin man’s purse… get away! Away witch yo Bama phones, ya intellectual stones. Fuck’y’all niggaz leave da good people alone. Yo bidness is bad, basketballs ‘stead-o-heads, and a head full-a dread…locks, suck a cock. Filthy hole-crotch’n meat, shittin’ kids ta da streets, while we sleep..in, creepin while we tolerate beasts snatchin purses for treats call’n it fair like a heap – of SHIT, bullshit we ain’t done, we be arming up son, ready’t take ya all out at drop of beat.

    Recognize nigga. Y’all iz nuttin but shit on the face of a once great planet. We bout ta send yo monkey-ass back to yo real hood. Africa bitch!

    Yes. And that is all I have to say about that. Took 15 seconds to write. What talent, eh?! These “things” need school about as much as the rest of society need rap. Can’t wait for the day when we can just exterminate all of them. Fuck Obama!

  2. She’s a “basic b**ch”? Are we to infer from this that there is a deluxe model? Dear God, save us…they will breed. /Head desk

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