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  1. Ne’groes are so silly! And to answer your question Jules, quite the opposite. In fact trees are very much a a fan of theirs and they are likewise fans of trees in reciprocal. You see the air freshener, aside from masking the scent that all natural jungle creatures emanate, especially during the warm season in order to attract the female primates, is not pleasant to humans; therefore, it is learning to adapt, but does not realize it is still a million years short of full evolution into a human. It is copying humans, much like the chimps at the zoo. It’s cute really! It has even learned to phonetically mimic certain human speech patterns – to a very limited extent of course as you can clearly hear in this video. But the irony is that its natural instinct led it to run for a tree, however its inability to balance itself properly on flat, solid ground caused the oopsy. But it is really mankind’s fault for having attempted to domesticate naturally wild animals. It clearly belongs in the jungle and to be left alone. The narcissistic need of human beings to remove animals from the wild must be stopped! Clearly it needs to be up a tree. Hope this helps.

    1. this is the first time I’ve seen a tree hanging from a black man, usually its the other way around

    1. Don’t talk shit on America if you come from a country where they turn the electricity off at 6pm.

  2. That nasty baboon has a air freshner around its feral neck. Why didn’t my ancestors pick their own damn cotton? You cannot domesticate wild animals.

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