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  1. How in f*ck’s name is this an installation fail? Do you people (epicfail reviewers or whatever) FAIL to have any common sense? What, they were supposed to install an A/C unit in the middle of the wall, vertically speaking? If that’s your logic then maybe the refrigerator can be placed sideways in order to save kitchen cabinet space above. Here’s a tip: more brain, less pot. Design fail? Sure. Cord fail? Possibly. Owner “just put it here” fail? Perhaps. Installers put it where a) it makes the most operational sense and b) the homeowner, where it renders geometric design appeal. WTF does the installation have to do with this? Are teenagers running this site? Idiots. Even to go to the lowest common denominator of fails, “extension cord purchase fail” makes more sense. Obviously bearded teens that think Obama is God and terrorists are white run this site. Put the drugs down and get a job for once in your pathetic lives.

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