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  1. Welp… at least he said, “Fuck Bill Clinton.” At least we know 1 brain cell must still function right.

    1. You’re comment shows you are an obvious idiot/troll. Clinton had the highest economic growth of the country in history, got us involved in no petty wars, and was a ladies man.

    2. @someGuy
      First *Your
      Second, Clinton got us involved in Somalia and Bosnia, both petty wars and very damaging to many servicemen, myself included. Third, Clinton liedtime andtime again about EVErytHING. He pushed NAFTA through which is what sent jobs and opportunity fleeing the country for third world factories and Chinese labor mills. He single handedly dismantled this economy and was slick enough to know it wouldn’t show up till he was long out of office. He never balanced abudget and even lied onhis way out about having a surplus. It was later revealed his administration got creative and added the Social Security trust fund into the budget money to create the illusion of a surplus.
      Clinton was and is a liar ,a cheat, an adulterer and an all around complete piece of shit. Now kindly stop wearing your Anus as a necklace.

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