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  1. Chalk up another win for the trolls. Funniest thing is this exclusive info came straight from the FAA and they’re blaming a “summer intern”.

  2. “They have CONFIRMED the names of these pilots”

    This just show us how reliable news and official versions are nowadys.

    1. @Joel, sadly it is. Just type Asiana into any news channel and you’ll see stories about it.

  3. This is a WIN! Someone in the news room is laughing there ass off for making that woman read that. Just like Ron Burgundy in Anchor Man. “Go f*ck yourself San Diego”.

  4. Only in america would you find “news”casters that after saying the first “name” they are STILL to stupid to clue in. Oh and Im not a pilot but I’m pretty fucking sure it doesnt take 4 people to fly a plane. Stupid bitch, stay in the kitchen

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