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  1. Only, and I mean ONLY jungle monkey nlggers with their but partially developed brains could conjure up that this is cool. What a waste of carbon and oxygen these bottom-of-the-food-chain animals are. When will America wake up and send them all back to Africa? Who needs these bottom feeders in our society? I mean really! I guarantee you that THING in that dare-I-say automobile is collecting a government check from your tax dollars and/or sells drugs. What use is that thing to anyone or anything? And that includes all the other mesmerized monkeys staring at it like it’s done something special. Like magpies these tree beasts like shiny things, and that’s as far as their brains can think. Just amazing these lowlifes. Amazing!

    1. “Ohh no. Pete, We got them again on the parking lot. We need to get rid of them. Fill that car over there with KFC chicken, melons and white girls and drive it of a cliff.”

    2. Rob ..ur fucking primitive comments are really annoying … and nunya? what kindof immigrant name is that motherfucker!?

    3. So your’re trying to tell me that nascar is any different. All it is is Thousands of inbred rednecks like you hypnotized by loud dangerous machines circling the same track over and over again. I’m surprised that nascar can keep these retards attention that long! 😉

  2. I bet that guy doesn’t even have a job. So how’d he get a car and do all that to it? Hmmmmmmm lemme think.

  3. Why is this a fail? He definitely got his point across wanting attention. Much like these racists and judgmental comments previously posted. Just a bunch of hatin’… I’d put my money that u cant hang out of your car on 32″ with suicide doors blarin music. No…your too busy posting immature comments to get attention. Like an eight year old. “Makes me feel some type of way” to hear your bs garbage.

  4. Just when the TM crowd was feeling really good about themselves. I mean Honey BoBO is back and you can feel good that it’s “them white folk”. Now Epic had to go and post this video. Dang it!

  5. are ancestors r cunts for wrecking society in bringing them over on ships, should of left them in africa. the fuckin murders/rapes and all other fucked up shit they do is disgustin,horrible race, jails r full to the max with them.

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