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  1. Since when does half-clever racist bathroom graffiti constitute a “win”? I mean, maybe if it was funny. But especially at this point in our country’s history. Epicfail, you fail.

  2. Anyone who thinks this is racist needs to get a sense of humor. It’s making fun of the garment. Indians also wear them. I have lot’s of Indian friends. They would laugh at this because it’s a gag joke and they have a sense of humor. It’s funny to picture someone walking around with wrapped toilet paper on their head. People need to stop being such overly sensitive babies and learn to not take themselves so seriously. The South Park guys can’t even have a little fun without getting death threats. This PC racist card abuse is ruining freedom of speech because people use it at the drop of a hat now. It’s unfortunate because it ruins it for the real cases of racism. Sort of like the boy who cried wolf.

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