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  1. That was awesome! Did’ya see that frigging thing go bouncing against the wall? Shweet! Filthy striped rat.

  2. 7.5
    It didn’t complete its last somersault and you hit the wall. But I did give points for the eye flashes.
    P.S. I wouldn’t automatically assume it was the Raccoon that did the attacking. I know that breed of yours and they are all pitbull till they start getting their asses handed to them. Good save anyway.

  3. Go to youtube and flag this motherfucker’s video as animal cruelty. /watch?v=hHN-f6xTzsY

    And fuck you epic fail admin for calling it ‘raccoon fail’

    1. Oh buh-rother! You eco-Nazi terrorists are seriously worse then the rancid resin from your bongs. Eat a dick. The raccoon had it coming. What was he supposed to do, ask it nicely to stop? Shows your ignorance. Shut up and go save some angry rattlesnakes or something. Mental midget!

  4. …look at all the stupid tree-huggers up there. If something is attacking my pack, I defend it. If the human would have been attacked, and the dog would have bitten/killed the raccoon to defend its owner, everyone would be cheering….

  5. Facebook comments: “Ohh. Thats horrible. Shame on you. Poor animal”

    Troll comments: “HAHAHA. Die you dirty animal. DIE”

  6. Not real bright, picking up a raccoon. Ever heard of rabies? Good thing he didn’t get bitten.

    Oh, yes. You tree-huggers: raccoons are VERMIN, and deserve whatever happens to them.

  7. Raccoons are worse than deer when it comes to vermin, but alas, no one lives in the country any more so they rarely have to deal with them.

  8. I’m glad that thing started off scared of you. A neighbor told me of someone who got charged by one and he almost lost his nuts. They are strong as hell, and can do major damage fast with their claws and teeth.

    I’m sorry, folks but the laws around where I used to live means that these critters have the run of the town. You have to get a licensed professional to round them up and take them politely into the wild.

    I didn’t have the money to spare. DIY-time, whatever way made them feel good about gittin’ .

  9. Anyway I think the raccoon is ok.
    But for all those that are judging about the guy’s reaction: what if instead of dog there had been your little child?

  10. why did you throw it down the stairs when there was a perfectly good balcony right in front of you. and for those saying dog was the attacker, I have seen raccoon attack dogs. I have seen one kill a pitbull.

  11. I would do the same. Not because the raccoon deserved but because that was the only way to avoid being attacked for defend the dog.

  12. LOL, …like a rag doll, the guy must really love his ugly dog, I think he overreacted hahaha. Facebook people are so narrow-minded and boring.

  13. That shit was fuckin awesome! Bruce and rose suck a dick learn some manners he had every right to do what was necessary

  14. Dayum! He fucked that coon up, tops was the flashing eyes on the way down.

    Those are mean strong animals, pure muscle and ferocious….hats off to the dude for tangling with it and coming out on top. BTW, what a bunch of pussies this country has become as evidenced by the comments blasting this dude for having titanium balls and nerves of steel.

  15. For all you Dickheads!!! You try to grab a 30lbs wild animal and not get bitten. This guy has Big BALLS….GJ Bro. Beside, it was funny seeing a raccoon fly like that!!

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