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  1. I thought maybe she was going for the overly-attached girlfriend act.

    but I guess not, did she not even watch this before she uploaded it?

  2. HELP ME!!! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING AND MY EYES ARE TEARING UP!!! This is what I call a super fail. It would be different if she sucked at singing like other YouTubers but she had to make the faces and move the camera in and out of her face? What the heck? I couldn’t even Finnish watching this video….

  3. WOW! Chhobbol really did a good job by communicating with horses. Chhobbol should communicate with orangutan’s too. Hell, she should just put all the new borns to sleep at the zoo, she’ll make more money that way. This is awful! I ultimately feel bad for her parents. How does she think this is cute? Someone needs to throw a coconut on her head one time, just one time!

  4. i really want to know who that is in order to stalk her ridiculous fb profile which i assume has millions of akward selfies

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