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  1. This is the youth of today. Drugged up mental zombies screaming that they deserve jobs. Honestly, would any normal, mentally sober person hire any single one of these retards to so much as scrub a toilet? Not me. Wouldn’t trust them to get even that right. This is the sum effect of years, no decades of liberal brainwashing; a generation of the most uncivilized, stupid and altogether useless oxygen wasters. The slate should be wiped clean with gunfire and no mercy until they are all plant food. Then mankind can simply start over fresh. What a completely disgusting time.

  2. And kill their parents too, for failing to raise them, i.e. parent. And kill every piece of trash in all the “music” and “television” circuits. The pure and utter filth they pt out helps cause this kind of intellectual void amongst today’s people. They are all guilty of a media war against good and normal.

  3. I’ve always wondered what kind of dumb ass people actually likes garbage ass “music” like Shrillex… now I know. Holy fucking grossness. What filths and losers. Skanky girls too. I did not see a single hot girl in that video. Disgusting people.

    1. They only show electronic music festival, you must see metal festival are worse, a lot of people drugged and head banging like a retards, I think all kind of festivals are the same shit.

  4. other than the 3 muscle people and the person passed out face down, I just saw a bunch of people having fun. not really a fail. The ones who are obviously on ecstasy and dancing all erratic look silly but they feel great and are having the most fun of all!

    1. Pricess Layla why aren’t the “muscle people” just having fun too then? Because they’re “muscle people”? And ya I’m sure ecstasy is making them feel great. Awesome a bunch of kids taking drugs that causes holes in the brain… but they “feel great and are having the most fun of all” as your dumb ass said. You are obviously one of the disgusting skanks to even think this way or even think that it’s acceptable. you remind me of the kids in high school with the loser parent who still think they’re cool, letting the kids get fucked up and shit and doing it with them. You have a very unintelligent and immature way of looking at what is really happening today. You’re one of the weak. And you’re not gonna make it anyway. Pathetic simple minded foolish skanky raggedy ass wolf bat girl.

  5. Thank you for proving my point trash mouth. That’s something trailer park trash says. Oh Princess Layla, you trash.

  6. “Knorkator” (with the first k being pronounced in that case). Saw them live once during the time I was living in Germany. Those guys are actually funny as fuck.

  7. I’d rather go to a GG Allin concert, sit in the front row and get pissed and shit on than go to one of these concerts with these fucktards.

    1. So this is to Omehi5…Bro get a life, princess Layla is soooo right! They are all having the times of their lives! And then you call her “Trash mouth” when your comment before that was absolutely full of trash words! Lol, I turned out fine, I make six figures a year, and have a loving and supportive family, (wife and kids). I used to party like that and do ecstasy, and drink and go wild! Hell that’s what you are suppose to do when you are a kid! Bro, I hate to say it but you are just mad because you were probably a looser in high school, and you comment on this stuff because you are just jealous! Get a life dude, maybe go have some fun and experience life, but just remember there is a point where “partying” can go too far. Don’t get strung out, just go have some fun, and stop Whacking ur dong all day and go fuck something, it will change your miserable life….I’m sure of it

  8. There are people from all over the world, kids and adults, and they aren’t doing anything different than people have been doing at festivals of all kinds for generations. Some people just need to quit labeling and discriminating everything they dislike and disagree with.

  9. Wonder who that girl is with the black hair having a moment with the camera, so pretty reminds me of Tim Burtons wife

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