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    1. its the angle. pic one the car is off to the left so the pic is taken further to the left. pic 2 the car is center even with the front door. So the pic was taken more to the right. The house in the left back ground is the same.

  1. What about the 4 year old tree that magically appears to the right of the house? Or the big ass tree that disappears from behind and to the left of the house? Different houses and different people. Theyre just mid-90s cookie cutter houses. Some areas youll see hundreds of them in neighborhoods where you cant tell one house from the next

    1. Well, I’m actually pretty convinced concerning the “same house” aspect and also the “42 weeks later” thing is at least not easily disproved (the “same guy” aspect is of course debatable and “same tree”… uh well…) – in case you haven’t noticed the photos have been taken from quite different angles and the “disappearing” tree simply wouldn’t have been visible in the 2nd pic because of the angle from which it was taken.

    1. as far as angles 1 they aren’t off by enough to not show a house and 2 there is a forked tree in front of the house in the background in the second pic the first pic has no such tree while the background house is clearly visible in both pics

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