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    1. well, even so, it sure didn’t take a lot.

      maybe she meant well and just wanted to make some chit-chat, possibly give directions.

      but he is under no obligation to tell her where they’re going.

      she should’ve just shrugged it off instead off having a hissy fit.

    2. No you fu**ing douchebag. The driver didn’t want his constitutional rights violated and stuck up for himself. You sir are an idiot.

  1. Fire this fucking power tripping bullshit dyke cunt. Fucking hate cops that break the fucking law they are sworn to uphold. Cunt gets her panties in a bind because she got put in her place so she fucking threatens to terrorise them under color of law. Press charges and DEMAND she gets prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law like she was going to do to these innocent fuckers.

  2. Fucking useless spick. That cop should’ve shot him and his tattooed whore in the throats, and left their corpses to rot ina field to help sprout actual useful life, like weeds and maybe a flower. Scumbag filth on the streets want to use our laws against us. Eat shit. Cops need to start smashing these fuckbags’ smartphones and beating them into a permanent wheelchair when they mouth off to authority. Lowlife gang banger!

    1. Aaaand the next time you get pulled over and a dirty cop decides he doesn’t like your face? He’s gonna leave your corpse in a field to rot. That’s the problem, we can’t leave it to the cops to decide who the bad guys are, because they think WE ARE ALL CRIMINALS.

    2. So everyone with tattoos is now a gang banger? So, why are we letting so many gang bangers play professional sports? I mean if having tattoos makes you a gang banger then there are tons of gang members in pro sports right now.

    3. Yeah!… and bags with their skins and soap with their body fat!
      Rob? Do you like democracy, man?

  3. She was a bitch for sure but why did he ask if he was being detained if she said “you’re good, you’re free to go.”? She simply asked him where he was headed and he acted all shady and uncooperative. He was fishing for an argument in my opinion.

    1. NEVER answer any question a cop asks you if it’s none of their business. Just like this one. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS AND NO MATTER HOW INNOCENT THE QUESTION, ITS A TRAP.

    2. But I would say she was fishing for an answer; and she wasn’t being just humanly curious. She says quite clearly “you’re free to go”, and that should have signaled the matter is over with no further talk from her, but no, she quickly jams in a follow up cop-question in a serious “want an answer” tone of voice.

  4. it could be on my end but i think not. i cannot play or dl this video so that is consistent of a police state. the whole system is sick and fucked up especially in the states.

  5. That cop was an asshole and assuming because he has tattoos he was a gang banger. You never have to answer a cops question. You always have the right to remain silences.

    I loved how she told him he was free to go, then started asked him more questions. Then told him she can search the car.

    That guy didnt do anything wrong other then the cop judging him for the way he looked.

    FUCK THAT BITCH, I hope it makes it on the news.

  6. Punk bitch thought he was bein all baddass in front of his woman. The cop pulls him over, probably based on years of experience as a cop but probably with experience in that area with people like him, probably his bitch ass friends doing stupid shit. All she asked was “where ya headed?” and he has to be a douche about it? Kid needs to grow up.

  7. How much more proof do we need that cops are useless pieces of shit? This one only proves that the only thing she cares about is being a stupid cunt.

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