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  1. That’s Rob Nunya in his college years when his college friends (who were white BTW) as a hilarious prank, did this to him, and when he woke up to get the mail from the mailbox, he says “hi” to a couple of black male students who was walking by. They looked at him got mad and one of them said” you think that shit is funny looking like that” who whipped his ass because they thought he was disrespecting them by wearing blackface, while his while his friends were looking from a distance and laughing at his ass getting fucked up. Then he got his ass whipped by a couple of gay guys when they see the racial slurs on his arms, and his friends start buss out laughing even harder.

    Now he’s hating on all black people videos on Epic fail using racial slurs on any videos that feature black people, and hating on white people who do what he considered “stupid tricks”, or are associated with black people.

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