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  1. DivineIntervention: um, nooo. Someone skipped physics class. Let me clear my throat; uh-hum. Let me see here. Okay…

    The integrity (density) of the silly string material (silk panties), when force is applied to them, and in this case directed downward (or to the right relative to this photo), will be counteracted by a much more powerful force, friction in this case, generated specifically by that fat ass which’ll never let those jeans slip off so easily, directed upward (left-wise relative to the photo) and when coupled with the integrity of the jean material of much higher density than the silk razor wire, will thereby generate “lift” vs. “drag” (not real lift and drag as per physics but it’s a pun – intentional) and create the effect I so proudly coined. In other words, “going down” it’s not, nor is anyone else going down after this experiment is executed successfully. But you get an “A” for effort.

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