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    1. to sknib, ….. if it is the gayest biggest waste then what is your mighty morphin straight ass doing watching it and then spending your life energy writting about it, odd to think that someone showing that they are preggers is gay to you, Im scared to think of what you might actually think is straight to you, what something like a dungeon and kidnaped folks…

    2. Wow, hit a nerve there Shawn. Thanks for taking the time and energy to reply to my views, but if you are intent on having a go at me then please do everyone the favour of learning how to spell and punctuate; otherwise you look like a complete cunt. Kind regards, Sknib.

  1. I had lag…so it took like 25 minutes of my life.

    That being said, I thought it was sweet even though it was probably a bunch of liberal fucktard conservative rug munchers who recorded it. Did I say it right? I mean, everything boils down to that, right? nucklehed (or whatever the fuck his stupid ass name is will be so proud of me!!

    1. “LIBERAL fucktard CONSERVATIVE rug munchers”

      You just made the entire internet dumber.
      Congratulation moron.

  2. That obviously didn’t go as smoothly as they planned. They shouldn’t have bothered posting this in the first place.

  3. I love your video so much I looked at it twice. What a wonderful surprise! I love the way your mother In Law was surprise and let out a scream. Congratulations!

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