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  1. There’s a red circle between the the near toilet paper sheet and the roll of toilet paper back on the toilet she’s sitting on.


    Is there something on the wall? Phone number? EF better fix the resolution on these uploads, because I don’t see anything else in that circle. Is it a Rorschach test for Mensa dolts?

  2. This isn’t really a “when you see it” it’s plain as day she’s on the damn toilet, nothing to see here.

    1. The ‘it’ EF wants us to ‘see’ is that they have trolled us. Girl on the can, and a red circle, some toilet paper and a blank wall. Nothing here, content-free. Nada. Zilch.

  3. Fuck you people are that keep asking whats in the circle, are as stupid as the people doing these pictures. How big does the circle need to be before you realise its pointing out the shitter, toilet paper etc…? Maybe you need a red outline around the shitter?

    1. Of course we see the shitter. What’s the point? That the poster wants to prove to everyone he/she is an imbecile? We get that too.

  4. Or, why not just a big circle around everything and inform us to look at:

    Two girls in a bathroom, one of them on the can, etc. Again, what’s the point?

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