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  1. This why Rugby at 7 is stupid. You can have the cheapest team in the world, if you have one guy running fast…
    I m not surprised that this guys play for the US team.

  2. That’s pretty cool. You know what else is cool? Watching monkeys swing from vines. I can’t do that either. I’m human and have limited physical abilities if when compared to those of a primate. On the other hand I have a bigger brain and can cage it in a zoo if need be. Wish more humans would cage primates. Zoos are great fun for the kiddies. Sports too are fun. Love’em! But it’s entertainment and I’m just watching the monkey do “it’s thing.” As for surprise, none here thanks. To impress me he’d have to learn how to read and count to 100. Heck, even primates can be taught to do that.

    1. I need to know one thing. How does it feel to be a completely uneducated fat racist religious idiot?

    2. Is it wrong that I’m now only come to the site to see EFs resident bigot(Rob Nunya)post his latest brain farts? I mean with every post this dude reinforces the dumb tea bagger stereotype, he’s hilarious.

  3. Well after a crappy day that video put a smile on my face, amazing skills, thanks for posting….No fails just a wonderful WIN.

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