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    1. Maybe they have been together a long time and trust eachother enough to express their feelings like that. Are you so shallow that you never want a deep connection with a girl? Commitment issues perhaps (or closed closet door maybe?)?

  1. $20 bucks says that “Nessa” is an 11 year-old spick working on her 3rd illegitimate child. That lovely little poster he made is her ancestral equivalent to a master’s thesis. It’s about as far into the academic development process as she can ever achieve by intellectual virtue. Oh well. At least she probably washes laundry and her younglings cut grass better than anyone else. In metaphoric relativism, even a mansion needs a sump pump.

  2. This is actually my friend’s! She made it for her boyfriend and her’s 1st year anniversary..not sure if I should tell her it’s on epicfail, or not.

  3. Nessa, a long time friend of mine gave this to her boyfriend, now husband who is also one of my best friends. She’s actually very petite and gorgeous. He is one of the best people I’ve ever met. I feel really bad for anyone that can’t see anything but pure genious and love in this gesture. It means you don’t have people as wonderful as this in your lives. I’m sorry and I hope that one day you do.

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