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  1. This is a textbook case of “Pale-Haired Liquibrainosis,” also referred to as “leaky roof” or “Magpie syndrome.” It is a genetic defect passed on through DNA by similarly afflicted parents, usually unjustifiably wealthy democrats with little or no value toward human intellectual evolution. Think PETA, N.O.W. or Hollywood. As the pseudonyms suggest, it is a horrific disease that causes the brain to liquify and thereby grossly distorts the victim’s sense of pride and superego. As a result, many patients tend to exhibit a certain ‘loud’ or obnocscious sense of style – often insisting to “teach” the public masses of right and wrong despite their lack of intellect – because just as with the magpie; shiny, sensory-intrusive, and other off-color yet visually irritable things, they tend to draw these poor victims’ attention and thereby the patient begins to essentially ‘collect’ that which normal people would deem idiotic or offensive. It’s a terrible way to have to live. You should all be ashamed for making fun of this poor thing.

  2. This girl needs to clip down her fake nails now! Like.. I don’t see how these long-nailed people wipe their ass… they probably be having their friends come over to their house and help them wipe their ass. O.O wtf is wrong with the world? Smh -.-

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