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  1. Well, trying very hard not to sound like too much of a hippie here, but: That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be. Bullfighting is supposed to be dangerous for the matador. And while I wholeheartedly agree to the notion that it’s still a kind of animal cruelty, it has to be said, that BEFORE the fight, this bull still had a better life than the millions and millions of cattle in factory farming.

    1. poopr:

      it doesnt fucking matter if the bull had a better life before, the thing that matter is that is fucking cruelty asshole.
      and thats not a fight by the way, it would be a fight if the matadors were unnamerd.

    2. You better reread my comment. I did NOT deny that it’s animal cruelty. On the contrary. I was just pointing out the hypocrisy in complaining about bullfighting but being perfectly okay with mass husbandry. Now one might argue that killing animals for entertainment is worse than killing animals for food, which I don’t deny either, but I beg to differ: Is killing an animal 1 on 1 and actually taking a risk in doing so really worse than mechanically slaughtering lots and lots of cattle pumped full of antibiotics (which in turn makes factory farms an ideal breeding ground for multidrug resistant pathogens, mind you), most of whose meat gets wasted anyway? You see, that’s the issue I’m pointing out here. Whether this is animal cruelty is pretty much beyond dispute.

  2. And that’s how all matadors should end up, just a shame he didn’t die! People who perform animal cruelty should just hang themselves.

  3. Well, on the plus side, that guy won’t be having offspring, at least the bull got something out of being jabbed with a bunch of crappy barbs, before a dainty sword gets jammed in his spine.

  4. yes, the sport of idiots and sad sacks. About time the bull scored a fucking win. At least big, bad el matador wont be having and baby matadorettes.

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