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    1. Agree with The Great Otacon, videos take 2-3 times longer to load than other sites like YouTube or Vimeo, to the point where I rarely if ever watch them.

  1. Easier way to look at older posts, from way back when…
    There used to be a grid to choose from, that was OK but
    there needs to be an easier way… I would like to go back
    to the beginning and work forward…
    Love this site…

  2. There should definitely be AT LEAST a moratorium on “texting fails” – most of them are fake anyway – smartphowned dot com offers a simple tool for that – so where’s the fun in that? The same is true (albeit to a lesser extent) for “facebook fails”.

    But most importantly:
    Please make sure that editors double-check whether whatever they’re uploading hasn’t been uploaded here before. There has just been such an “epidemic” of reposts, that it felt outright annoying (just to name a few examples: “Fitting IN FAIL” on 7/10/13 had been posted on 6/6/13 already; “First Date FAIL” on 8/6/13 had been posted on 6/28/13 under “Dinner Date Fail”; likewise “TKD FAIL” on 8/6/13 has been posted a second time either before or after – and unfortunately the list goes on)

    So, in other words: Less fillers, more quality content, please! Just like it had been no too long ago…

    1. Really? A repost from a few months ago is no biggie. Reposts from a couple days however are a problem and that rarely happens. Just because it is a repost to you doesn’t mean it’s a repost for everyone.

    2. I just think that resposts are a fuckin waste of webspace. And it wouldn’t be so bad if they were indeed “a few months” apart, but as you may have noticed, none of my examples were more than one and a half month apart. And that happened OFTEN in the last couple of months.

    3. I agree with poopr on the text-msg-jokes, and all other pre-planned gag items. They are not spontaneous events of fail or win. They are not the spastic by-products of human stupidity we come here to appreciate in all their imbecilic glory. They are not brain-damaged dimbulbs flipping on their bikes into foam filled dumpsters and missing and face-planting into the steel cab of a backhoe at 30 feet per second.

      They are not morons who make me feel temporarily better because they are actually dumber than I am.

      They are just jokes fabricated to get a laugh, and cease to become funny at all.

      In short: they are filler.

    4. The reposts do make me feel like I’m wasting my time. Still, the not-so-fail items are even more of a deterrent for me. You can show me 20 pictures of badly drawn-on eyebrows, but its still the same fail, really, and not very interesting. The same applies to obese people with their guts hanging out of clothes. Nobody wants to see that unless something spectacular is happening like a car tire blowing out due to their immense weight. I’ll echo the ‘quality over quantity’ sentiment expressed by others here.

    1. Same here. I’m not waiting 20 seconds for something useless to me for the privilege of watching something stupid for 30 seconds with no punchline.

  3. Since about a week ago, every time I come on this site I have trouble with a script causing the pages to freeze… Please fix this!

  4. The website “updates” made the site more crappy over the last year. The scripts timeout, and it happens every page. No, I don’t want to run your ad scripts. I prefer not to face malware (again) not from your actual site, but the adware scripts. Keep the website simple stupid.

  5. 1/3 of the actual content is advertising. It would be nice to see it open up so it doesn’t feel like the actual content is squished to the left side of the page. Also, make it easier to change pages. I liked before when you could see the number for all the pages at once. It was easier to navigate through the pages.

  6. Leave out the eyebrow posts. Some women just prefer that look. Nothing weird about it. Some even TATTOO their eyebrows on so they always look “perfect”

  7. when you censor something, place a “click here to view uncensored version” your “epic fail censor bar” is annoying

    1. Aside from completely removing the ability to comment, which would be a horrible move, there’s only so much they can do. It’s a free country, even for complete morons, just ignore them.

    2. Every comment is ‘approved’ though, they aren’t automatically posted, as far as I’m aware.

  8. The new ads at the front of videos. I understand the money aspect so I guess they have to stay but as someone said in the FB section, maybe there can always be the skip feature. Not sure how available that is with marketing and whatnot but I don’t even watch the videos anymore so I don’t ahve to deal with a .30 second ad to watch a 6 second fail.

    1. So I have an issue with the ads that auto play “somewhere” on the page. I hate starting a video, then having to pause it because some ad somewhere on my page decides to pipe up. Most of the time I can’t even find them. Its completely irritating.

  9. Stop promoting faggots, dykes, nlggers, spicks, O-whataBum-a voters, and altogether kill yourselves if you are a giant pack of wild libtards. There’s my feedback for you. Try making fun of libtards as nature intended given that they are anything but human.

  10. What happened to the “stories” section. Used to be good ones added all the time, now nothing new in a while. Did someone get sick of reading all the submissions?

  11. [email protected] says:

    More titties ?

    Yes … More titties



  14. your fukken site dont work no more
    i keep gettin a unresponsive script message
    then i get no pics and the vids dont work
    sort it out ffucksake

  15. Less clutter in the layout…this site is but ugly and posts don’t need a million sharing buttons. No more text fails…lame

  16. You should add more daily content and implement unlimited scrolling of posts. Daily content that is new and no reposts. Thanks!

  17. change video streaming TO SLOW!!!!!
    someone said: no more eyebrow/makeup fails, no more ‘slightly resembles a penis’ fails i agree

  18. Every time I try to go to my setting so I can change my password(thanks to your site giving me a lame ass password that I’ll never be able to remember), a pop-up comes up that says I have to enter my credentials. I enter my username and password, but the pop-up just comes right back up. If I just close the pop-up, it takes me to a page that says my credentials aren’t correct or my browser doesn’t know what to do with the credentials. Please, get your shit together and let people pick their own passwords when signing up. Smh.

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