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  1. WTF…and she’s SMILING??!!! It’s not like the woman is massively stressed out without no one there to help, or beyond herself emotionally for some reason, or even in some crazy situation where she she’s got no options. FFS, she is grinning from ear to ear. To make things worse, someone had to be taking the picture while she was doing that and there is another woman in the back right of the photo in the background……..and everyone there is friggin cool with this? I thought the little girl may have just come in from the pool with the door open in the background like that, but hell she may have just tried to drown the poor girl. File metadata says Photoshop 7.0 (that’s some old outdated crap there) with no location. Probably stripped by stupid ass admins. If this isn’t just some sick Photoshop joke, the admins should turn the photo (and possibly the uploader) over to the authorities before someone ends up dead. Child abuse at the very least. Damn people. Gotta be 18 to buy cigs or vote, 21 to drink , 25 to rent a car or hotel, have a license to drive a car, prove you are worthy to adopt an abandoned pet, and even need a permit to fish, but any worthless piece of shit can have children and as many as they can pop out……chemical castration should be forced on pieces of shit like this.

  2. Do it! Do it! No more spick DNA needed on this planet. If she doesn’t do it that hatchling’ll have three resource sucking, welfare receiving, pick-pocketing, gang banging, criminal young of her own by next fall 2014. Afterwards, please turn the gun on yourself. You’ll save tens of thousands of our tax dollars and also finally become useful as fertilizer, thereby giving at least SOMETHING of value back to this world you so arrogantly leech from. Then you will have at least partially recouped your pointless existence. Come on, be a hero for once!

    Hee hee.

    1. I’m not a qualified psychologist, only a qualified human being, so I cannot even guess what’s wrong w/ you, nor do I care. I do know this though — you are a small sad pig-man-bear and your only social interaction is this website. You’re pathetic, but I don’t feel sorry for you.

  3. Ha ha ha ha Rodney hahaha. Ok buddy. Do you feel better now? Done projecting? I do what I do and say what I say because there are schmucks like you breathing my air. It gives me pleasure to know I effected you. That’s all. You can blah-blah whatever you like, but anyone with brains know that what I sy is true. They just don’t have the will to say it out of some whimsical belief that polishing the jagged edges of facts makes life more livable. I doesn’t! the truth does. And you don’t like the truth, because you are clearly a libtard. Like all libtards, you’re a pussified quasi male that can only feel better when you snip back, well out of my reach. Ok. Be well. Live short and don’t prosper. As for social interaction on websites, then what the fuck are you doing here? Go back to serving coffee at Starfucks and tell your hippie cunt-mother I say hi. Lib-whores make the greatest sluts. After all, you’re here, right? Kisses. Hope you got it all out.

    1. Hey now robbie nunya stop with this nonsense on the internet what have I told you about making sure you take your medication and staying away from the internet when you don’t take the 30 pills that keeps your tourettes under control. I dont mean the oxy, that makes you an angry bear and then your not huggables and pokeables (childhood memories inside joke only we would know). Be nice to your new internet friends there is no need to be mean to them and let your pathetic life that you caused for yourself get in the way of you being able to socialize ever again. Kisses, hope you got it all out this time, refrain from future or you will get a spanking.

    2. Sorry sis. You’re right. I was just trying to spread “awareness.” Did not mean to anger you. Btw – I didn’t realize they allow internet in prison. Write more often, ok? And tell your cellmate (mom) to stop sending letters. Take care now.

    3. Forgive the second coming sis.

      You know what I love most about this? A) what I wrote was so true and pertinent that it caused you to actually spend your (otherwise useless) time to go create a new profile, and then rant incoherently, foregoing all elements of grammar and punctuation in lieu of anger, just to get back at me; and B) to do so in the most unsubtle way, whereby it solidifies that all the things I pointed out about you upstairs ended up being absolutely spot on. Heee I am reeling from joy. Thank you. It’s nice to win. And yes, I won! Love it. Keep feeding me your ignorance. I can do this all day since I am retired. Be well sis.

      Don’t let the other inmates tell you you’re a dude. Stand up for yourself! Your balls were cut off long ago and with your parental guidance and edu-ma-cation you should stand proud to be a bitch. See you in 20 years.

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