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  1. Makes sense. He mistook the shit-for-brains in his head for chocolate and made a neurological association best he could with the 6 still functioning brain cells in there, hanging on for dear life.

  2. This has nothing to do with the post, but it appears EF has finally gotten rid of text-msg-jokes, which proves they did listen.

    That means they can fill in those spaces with legitimate fails of hill-billy Canadian clowns stuffing their friend headfirst into a running branch chipper, and Russians chugging 4 bottles of Vodka and all sorts of cool stuff like that.

  3. All I’ve managed to gather from Rob’s constant rants and political bullshit is that his cock is small and his wife is fat.

    1. Monkey Tits – I’m guessing you’re a nlgger then, yes? Even if you’re white. My cock? Neh, regular middle-of-the road, just like your entire existence. My wife? Gorgeous Russian, because I am smart enough not to live in the US anymore and pay taxes so your nlggers and spicks can buy rims and jeans 4 sizes too big while their degenerate spawn goes hungry. You see all the fat slob women are in America, so you’re projecting there dipshit. Just because you have to look at that sasquatch you call a mate don’t think for a second that applies to everyone, least of all me. Sorry, but that’s no insult, especially when I can look over and see my girl, who also happens to be 10 years younger than me. So sit on that and spin a while. Ha. What else you got moron?

      What, you’re defending the most vile, wretched and lazy generation in history thanks to the inverted mind of socialists calling themselves liberals? You think for the sake of one normal, intelligent black or hispanic person it is worth saving 100 criminal retards? That is exactly why I make fun of scum like you, because your ideologies do not coincide with math or logic, so, fuck ya buddy! I enjoy watching your society crumble into super-stupidity daily. Only a country choked to the eyes with mental midgets could elect a nobody, never-worked-in-my-life half nlgger, half-mudslum Leninist. So go ahead, get angry at me. It’s all funny to me. Glad I was able to get to you enough to take a shot at me. I feed off it, libtard. Cheers!

    2. Rob Nunya has such a wonderful life and gorgeous wife yet he chooses to sit here everyday and spout politics and racism. Wife is years younger than you huh? So you’re a crusty old man that can’t let go of his geriatric ways. That’s fine. Hopefully your child bride puts you in a lovely nursing home where at least the pudding tastes good and the bed pan gets changed once a week. You hateful wrinkly excuse of a human being.

    3. Lol, who got to who there buddy? You’re the one that wrote a book defending your bullshit =)

  4. I would have to agree with Rob on his post. 100% spot on with our current resident white house jigaboo and the generation of worthless nigs and spics.

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